Small Group Training

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Pendo Studios offers over 60 instructor-led classes every week. You’ll never get bored with our fantastic variety of classes!


All Pendo classes are based on the Pendotion™ method of movement. Pendotion is a series of targeted movements, developed by Charlene Sullivan, that help your metabolic fluids circulate through your body. Did you know that all the systems in your body are fluids-based? With correct movements, these fluids will deliver vitality and healing to your entire body. Pendo classes restore the internal flow that your body needs to adapt, grow and renew. There is a Pendo class for everyone, regardless of fitness level, age or ability. Pendo Studios offers several types of Pendo classes:

Pendo Flow – This class combines athletic yoga, martial arts and various dance styles to stimulate and challenge the entire body.
Pendo Full Body – This class features a series of movements that develops cardio, strength and flexibility from head to toe‎. Get ready to sweat!
Pendo Therapy – Are you tired of being tired? Then come restore your stiff, weak or injured areas by integrating the entire body to work as a team!
Pendo Recovery – Place yourself in targeted positions designed to unlock the natural therapeutic process. Tap into your internal pharmacy to heal and reduce pain! Based on the Pendotion™ method of movement.
Pendo Therapeutic Movement Workshops – 2 hours – Treat yourself to a Pendotion Master Class! These two hour workshops enhances your body’s ability to heal, strengthen and reduce pain. You will also deepen your understanding of how your body works and how to promote life-long vitality.

Pure Strength

Pure Strength – A full-body strength training class guaranteed to work you hard! Using light weights, heavy weights and kettle-bells, this challenging class will get your heart rate up and make you STRONG!


Our yoga classes offer physical postures designed to purify the body, enhance physical strength and stamina, center the spirit and focus the mind. We offer an inspiring variety of Yoga  classes:

Yin Yoga – Enjoy wonderfully deep stretches that promote lower body flexibility and improve upper body strength. Joint flexibility is emphasized. A proven stress reliever and perfect for beginners!
Hatha Flow Yoga – Enjoy traditional Yoga postures organically choreographed to flow in organic sequences. Promotes flexibility and relaxation.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Experience a fast-paced sequence of poses that focuses on the flow between each pose, while synchronizing the breath. Great for cardio as well as mind-body connection!
Power Yoga – This unique style of Power Yoga strengthens and stretches muscle groups, while linking all movements with breath. Traditional poses are modified to reflect modern science and safety standards, while honouring yoga philosophy.
Soft & Sweet Yoga – Starts with very simple postures that progress without disturbing the natural conscious flow of your breath. Then flows into other asanas to create a beautiful synchronization. Includes pranayamas, chant mantras and meditation.

Spoga – Try this dynamic, low impact fusion class, for a full body workout! Spoga combines 40 minutes of Cycle training followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. The perfect mind-body experience.

Barre Pilates

Get toned, with this beautiful Pilates and ballet infusion! This class features graceful movements,to lengthen and strengthen you, while promoting correct posture. Join Andrea Clair as she guides you through easy-to-follow choreography, combined with upbeat music.

Torso & More So!

A great expanded option for Pilates and Yoga enthusiasts! This class combines a fusion of movement styles, various equipment (including light free-weights) for full body integration and strength. Low impact with high results!

Retro Step

C’mon, who didn’t love step back in the day?! We’re bringing it back to you with fresh, intermediate level choreography that changes weekly. Keeps your whole body moving, including the brain!


Our signature SWEAT classes combines Cycle, TRX, GRAVITY (inclined body-weight training machines), Kettle-bells and other free-weights. Sweat while you build muscles and endurance!


Forget the traffic and just enjoy the ride! Our cycle classes use high quality stationary bikes designed to keep you challenged and on pace. Here are the paths we have waiting for you:

Cycle 45min & 60min – Jump on a stationery bike and ride with a team! Build cardio and endurance as you experience intervals, tabatas, long roads, hills and other virtual challenges. Tune out everyday stress, as your instructor takes you on a journey!
Cycle Fusion – Combines two of your favourite workouts! 30 minutes of Cycle class with hills, accelerations, power surges, spin-ups and ladders. 30 minutes of strength training utilizing free weights, kettle-bells and/or body weight. A 2-for-1 workout to energize your mind and your body!

Spoga – Try this dynamic, low impact fusion class, for a full body workout! Spoga combines 40 minutes of Cycle training followed by 30 minutes of Yoga. The perfect mind-body experience.
SWEAT 60min – Our signature SWEAT classes combines Cycle, TRX, GRAVITY (inclined body-weight training machines), Kettle-bells and other free-weights.Weights. Sweat while you build muscles and endurance!


Get grooving and enjoy this fun and effective aerobic workout with a contagious blend of Latin rhythms! It doesn’t matter if you’re akward or amazing, EVERYBODY has fun.

Cardio Interval

Balance, Spin, Lift and Move! Advance your total fitness level with full body circuit strength training. Work your way through different stations with a challenging variety of equipment. Uses BOSU, cycle, free weights, resistance bands and more!


Build strength, endurance and cardio on our highly sought after GRAVITY MACHINES (inclined body-weight training machines)! A perfect blend of interval training, Pilates, yoga and boot camp. Training done in small groups!

Restorative Tai Chi

A fantastic new way to infuse strength, balance and tranquility is here for you! The sublime Kate Marshall Flaherty guides you through a condensed and restorative version of the classic Tai Chi practice.

Kate has selectively chosen 20 of the 108 classic moves of the Tai Chi set. Her unique choreography is designed to open up the joints, increase the flow of energy, unblock stiffness, and calm the mind. Don’t miss out!

Yin Meditation

Experience Claire Lucht’s uniquely engaging and beautifully peaceful style of Yin Meditation. Her sessions begin with subtle mindful movement to reset and downregulate the nervous systems and then flow into postures of stillness and peace. Claire’s Yin Meditation is non-striving and non-competitive, with multiple positions and options being provided. This class is suitable for beginners, experienced meditators, and everyone else…including you!
*Claire’s Yin Meditation is the regular substitute for Katie Marshall Flaherty’s ‘Yin Yoga’ class. We are sooo excited to offer this wonderfully unique way to center the mind and body. Come check it out and treat yourself!